Wessel Krul is enjoying his second full season at the Academy and his third in the U23 ranks. The talented Dutchman is onto a hot streak as great performances at the GP Vermarc and in the Ruddervoorde Pro Kermesse. However, the difficulties in planning races it’s a setback for most of the riders in this category. “First of all, I was really happy we could start the season on a normal date. Although it was quite hard because there was still an irregular calendar, I respected it as it was. It needed some thinking about how we would approach training in between. But together with CyclingLab, we made a perfect plan. I think last winter I made a good step on every aspect of being a cyclist, on and off the bike. But the most important is that I feel I can handle the races better and better. ” highlights Krul.

The recent training camp in Limburg, together with another one in the same region in early March and one on his own with some teammates in Girona, helped him massively when it came to be ready when the races started again. “The feeling in the first races was quite good for me personally. Especially after Rhodos, where we had some nice results with Stan and Daan, it only went upwards. The feeling in the races is getting better and better and that’s something I would like to continue. Some good attacking style racing at GP Vermarc and Ruddervoorde gave me the confirmation I’m on the right track. Hopefully, we are getting that first win with the team together as soon as possible”

Talking about his upcoming goals in the season, Krul feels calm and relaxed at the same time that excited. “The calendar is looking really promising from now on. Upcoming Monday is ‘De Ronde van Limburg’. A really nice 1.1 race where I want to show myself and see where I can get in the final. But my main goal is to compete for the win in classic-style races. For now, a lot of classic races are placed back quite far in the calendar. Those races suit my characteristics the best I think and that’s where the focus is on”.