It was halfway into the 2019 season when Stan van Tricht joined the Academy as a trainee. He hit the ground running really fast with a stage win in season’s finale Olympia’s Tour and a solid performance which put him in the third spot for that race. One year on with the Academy, van Tricht keeps on improving as it was shown with his recent win in the third round of the Arden Challenge. “The season it’s been holding mixed feeling for all of us. Personally, at one side my performances improved a lot and I became a stronger rider on all parcours. On the other side I missed some opportunities to turn the good legs into results due to the current situation and my crash in the Giro d’Italia U23” points out van Tricht. 

With a few goals reamaining in his hitlist, van Tricht has already felt strides forward in his development by working with the performance team at CyclingLab and the SEG Racing Academy, which lead to a better preparation for the season and hence a better performance. “Doing the training camps with high level teammates and training plans were a big improvement in the preparation towards the season start. Next to that I learned a lot about racing as a team and using the strength of the team in for example echelon races. I feel that the shape is really improving and coming close to the peak. Therefore my ambitions are to use these races to take a real ‘big’ win thin season”. 

Van Tricht will end the season next to Milan Paulus and Jordi Meeus after the U23 Belgian Nationals Championships that will take place in mid-October.