Jesper Rasch to stay with the Academy in 2019
We happilly announce that after completing a traineeship with the Academy at the end of the 2018, 20-year old Jeseper Rasch, has secured himself a spot in the 2019 roster of the team. When the young Dutchman joined the Academy a series of goals were set together with the Performance Staff and in just a time span of three months Jesper made a lot of progression not just on the racing side but especially training wise. 

During the closing part of the 2018 season, the youngster could enjoy some high-quality one-day races which accounted for a big learning curve for the Dutch rider. The talented rider showed himself during 2018 in the national scene as one of the strongest sprinters, a feature that we will work together in 2019, as he adapted without problems to the way of working and the philosophy of the Academy . 

Jesper Rasch, comments on what he experienced during his traineeships and what lies ahead:
“I am really happy to be part of the Academy next year, and I consider it a big step forward for my career. I am really looking forward to taking on the training sessions, competing and racing in this colors again next year. I want to take the most of all the structure that the Academy offers and put a lot of commitment myself to become a better rider. I have learned a lot in the recent months, both on and off the bike, so I have a lot of confidence to apply all that this coming winter period and show the Academy colors next season”.