Yesterday our wrapped a really solid performance along the eight races that featured the first edition of the U23 Road Series. The Belgian rider seized the win in GP Tombroek, and in yesterday’s GP Albert Fauville sprinted to fourth, which was not enough to stay in yellow as the GC leader by just one point. “Right now I look back a bit disappointed because I lost the jersey only the last stage. Not because I wasn’t strong enough, but because of a mistake in the final. But aside from that, I think I can be happy with my second place in the GC, this shows that the level was high all season”.

Meeus, who joined the Academy as a trainee halfway 2017, has proven this season that he keeps on developing an improving in one-day races. With top finishes in high-level races like the Tour de Normandie, the U23 Belgian Road Race nationals and 1.1’s Koga Slag om Norg, the Belgian riders looks back to a solid start. “I can’t complain about the season so far. I started really good with immediately some podium spots. But sadly enough I also had some bad luck in the races I really wanted to be good at. But that’s part of the sport. I had some good results but of course, I wanted to win more, but this doesn’t come on delivery”.

However, Meeus’ season is far from over and the fast Belgian has already switched his mindset and has some big goals coming up. “There are some really nice 1.1 races in which I want to show myself and see what I am capable of. I will be seeking to get some top results, I am confident that I can do it and I am really looking forward to it”.