Julius van den Berg: “I have the fastest TT bike”
One year after seizing the U23 Dutch time trial title, Julius van den Berg is ready to fight again for the red, white and blue stripes. The Dutch all-rounder looks back to being able to wear the national champion jersey for a year. “It meant a lot to win the title last year, it is great to win a race and then have that nice jersey waiting for you. Being able to wear it for a year it is such an amazing feeling” shares Van den Berg, who will ride a customized Koga Tee Tee model painted with the colors of the Dutch flag. 

The 22-year old rider, who already holds 5 wins under his belt in 2018, will get off the ramp tomorrow in Bergen with one goal and one goal only. “My aim during the ride will be to pace a perfect effort and the best one I can produce. If everything goes smoothly I frankly believe that I can be in contention to win again the national title, which will be amazing”. 

Knowing that he will be one of the favorites of the day, Julius van den Berg has put on special preparation towards tomorrow’s race against the clock alongside the Academy scientists. The Dutchman has taken the most of the Academy resources and made the final improvements on his positions, making sure that he rides as fast as possible. “I have done a lot of time trial training and made sure that I have the perfect position on the TT  bike. Also, I have the fastest bike and the best components, so that it is very positive and allows me just to focus on pushing as much power as I have. Until now, everything went according to plan so we hope to get the best result possible!”.