Kooistra finishes off a 30 km long solo attack with a win in Paris Tours
Today’s Paris Tours U23 featured our last U23 one-day classic of the calendar, and our riders certainly made it one to remember. The parcours presented a 182 km long challenge with start in Bonnevel and finish in Tours. The race started with many attempts to make it to the break and it was eventually a group of 7 riders who went up the road, with all Academy riders sitting safe in the bunch. 

The 7-man leading group stayed in front for almost 100 km, but at that point the peloton broke into two big groups and after they came together, a total of 46 riders went on to lead the race with Jan Maas, Alberto Dainese, Marten Kooistra and Jordi Meeus representing the Academy flag. With 56 km long remaining our Marten Kooistra opened the succession of attacks and it was followed by two more companions, but with more than 30 km left he attacked again and went solo all the way to the line as the chasing group could not bring back the flying Dutchman. 

With such a super performance Kooistra seized his fourth win of the season and showed his consistency through the season as he took his first victory in early March. The 20-year old rider has completed a really strong season, as he also finished as runner-up in the last Olympia’s Tour overall, alongside a stage, and second in the U23 Dutch Nationals RR. 

With 39 wins in 2018, the Academy will be back in the racing scheme in next week’s Tacx Pro Classic.