Kooistra: “I am happy with how the season is going and the way I improved”
Recent Paris Tours U23 winner, Marten Kooistra, has excelled not only on one-day races this season, but also in week-long event like the Olympia’s Tour where he finished second overall and took a stage, and the track taking third in the Scracth race at the Europeans Championships proving his consistency and versatility. “I am really happy with how the season has turned out, beginning with a win already in Ronde van Zuid-Holland was really good for the morale. After that, I had a good run at one-day races like Eschborn-Frankfurt (third), the U23 Dutch Nationals (second behind teammate Julius van den Berg) and Koga Slag om Norg (fourth after spending the day in the break). Then I hit the track for the Europeans, which was also a positive experience and made me really confident coming into the last part of the season, and it was shown in Olympia’s Tour where I could fight for the overall win until the end and in Paris Tours.  We still have some more races so I will be looking to finish the season on a high note” points out Kooistra who holds four wins this year. 

The talented Dutchman joined the Academy program in 2016 after seizing both Junior Dutch national titles the year before. Since the beginning he has enjoyed a personalized development plan in order to become a better and more complete bike rider, and all the hard work is starting to pay off. “I think that I progressed really well in my resistence and how I face long races, which it is something really important. Also, I believe that I stepped up my sprinting game, so this year I felt that I could still go hard and deep in the sprint after a long day on the saddle”. 

The good chimestry and environment in the Academy has been something that has certainly pushed the riders to be better and go that extra mile. “I think that all good results come from hard work, obviously, but seeing your teammates succeed and everyone commited to one goal is something really special and when you get the chance yourself you just take it”. With the season already in a late stage, Kooistra will be looking to perform in the last two races of the year before heading for a well-deserved resting period. “We know that we can still improve some things, but confidence is good and I hope to be better next season”.