We are delighted to announce that Wessel Krul will become another Graduate of our 2021 Class, as he has signed a deal with Rally Cycling. The talented Dutchman joined the Academy halfway through 2019 and has developed himself as of the strongest riders in the U23 ranks. “It’s basically like a dream come true. Maybe when you live in the moment maybe you don’t realize it in the way you should. But it’s something I dreamed of when I started to get better and better at cycling. Now when it’s going to happen, is something I’m thankful for” points out Krul. 

At the Academy, Krul scored stage wins in Ronde de l’Isard and at the Flanders Tomorrow Tour and at the same time he has proved his well-doing in 1.1 races and time trials. “For the last two and a half years, I’ve been in the best place I could be. I learned a lot about how to be a pro cyclist and behave like one. Then I mean on and off the bike. SEG Racing Academy is not just a cycling team, It’s a real cycling Academy with all the ins and outs. And that’s something I’m really proud of being part of for the last 2,5 years. SEG was always my favorite u23 team when I was an u19 and first-year u23. Now when it turns out like this is, it’s really special for me.

With such an opportunity in front of his eyes, Krul is ready to grab it with both hands. “I will get a lead-out role and it’s something I really look forward to fulfilling. Also, I want to learn how a sprinter approaches the sprint. Hopefully, I will get small chances to prove myself also as a sprinter. I hope I will keep seeing the developments I made at the Academy, then I’m more than happy”. 

Sven Jonker, Academy Director: 
“We are very proud that Wessel will get a chance to show himself among the professionals. We know what he is capable of, we have been monitoring his development for almost three years and we know how talented he is. It will be exciting to see him undertake such a role in a squad like Rally Cycling’s and we are sure that we will hear plenty of him in the coming years”.