Lucas Eriksson

Date of birth 10-04-1996
Country Sweden
Place of residence Gånghester, Sweden
Height 179 cm
Weight 65 kg
Best result Winner queen stage Course de la Paix Juniors (2014), 6th & 7th Junior World Championships (2013 & 2014)
Favorite pro rider(s) Peter Kennaugh

Why did you start cycling?

My cousins introduced me to it when I was around 6 years old and I enjoyed it.

Name your specialties:

Hilly races.

What do you do besides cycling?

Hang out with family and friends. Play on the computer.

Tell us your goals for 2017.

Have a lot of fun and achieve some good results with the team.

What’s your favorite race in the 2017 calendar?

The World Championships in Bergen, Norway.

What’s your dream race to win at the pros in the future?

A grand tour.

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