We are pleased to announce that the current U23 Italian Road Race Champion, Marco Frigo, will join the Academy and feature a spot in our 2020 roster. “I am very happy and proud to be part of the team for next season. I am aware that being in a team like SEG Racing Academy is a privilege and a great opportunity. Not only for my growth and my development from a cycling point of view but also on a personal level” highlights the 19-year old.

Frigo, who had a strong Junior stint in the national and international scene, hit the ground running in his first year as U23 and proved his climbing and puncher skills not only with the national title but also riding to second in UCI’s 1.2 Trofeo Alcide Degasperi. “I want to learn as much as possible, and I expect to grow in a professional and well-organized environment such as the one in the Academy. I will do my best and work hard to improve every day and get good results. Going abroad is a big step, but I have been in contact with Alberto Dainese and Edoardo Affini, and they really encouraged me to take the step” points out Frigo.

When talking about the main attractions that pointed him towards the Academy, the talented Italian climber highlights the development focus and the professional program that the Academy runs. “When Bart van Haaren (Academy Manager) got in contact with me, we already set up a development plan which totally suited what I need at this moment of my cycling career. There are no doubts about the ability of the team management and staff to value and prepare cyclists and move them up”.