Our mechanics play a vital role in making sure all equipment is in perfect condition and ready to use. Without them, the riders wouldn’t be able to perform at the level we all wish. From taking care of our service course in Eindhoven to assisting riders on the road, the work performed by these mechanics is highly valued by everyone within SEG Racing Academy. Now let’s see what they have to say about themselves!

Tessel Sprengers
// Head oMechanics
“During the 2018 season I will be supporting the riders during the races as a mechanic. My goal is to keep the bikes in the best conditions, so the riders can ride for victory! Besides that I am working on Service Course to prepare all the material for the races. Cycling means a lot to me! Since I was a little kid I loved riding bikes. It’s just a perfect feeling to be outside and riding on such a nice piece of technology! My goal for the 2018 season is to keep the bikes in the best conditions. So the riders have great bikes to get the best out of themselves.”

Leo van Teeffelen //  Mechanic
“My job is to run a smooth operation. Cycling to me is a way of life and, in my opinion, it is the only real sport. My goal for the 2017 season is to run a trouble-free operation, especially when combining two types of bikes.”

Panos Theocharis //  Mechanic
“My main duty within SEG Racing Academy is to provide any technical support needed, before, during and after a race or the preparation period. In addition to this,  I am in charge of driving the truck of the team, carrying all the bicycles and their whole equipment and fixing whatever needed. I have a very special connection to cycling as currently I own a bike shop, and it is the first Tacx Demo Station and Zwift Certified shop in Greece, and I keep on riding by myself in many road races in my area or on the trainer.”

Mario Wouters // Mechanic
“My connection with cycling is my own passion for riding race bikes. I love to cycle because it’s a piece of freedom and investment for your body and soul. It does mean a lot to me because this is my favorite habit in my spare time. My main goal during this cycling season is to take the team to a higher level by applying my knowledge and skills within the SEG organisation.”

Jelmer Bijvang // Mechanic
“I enjoy taking care of all material so that the riders can ride for victory. When I’m not with SEG Racing Academy, I also work as a mechanic in a bicycle shop.”