Medical update on Hartthijs de Vries

Last Wednesday Harttijs de Vries suffered an accident while training on the roads of Limburg. The Dutch rider crashed into the back of a car and was taken to the hospital. Following several MRI scans, the doctors have fortunately discarded any severe injuries in his neck.

After spending a day under observation, De Vries, who was third in last year’s Olympia’s Tour, was released and able to go back home. Besides several stitches in his neck and face, Hartthijs has a small fracture in his nose. Another MRI scan will be done in order to assess the damage on his knee.
The talented climber will be out of the racing program for several weeks, as he needs to go through a recovery process. While this is a major setback for Hartthijs and the team, we are very grateful that Hartthijs is back home again.

We have no doubt that Hartthijs will come back stronger than ever!