Milan Paulus

Date of birth 23/10/2001
Country Belgium
Place of residence Sint-Truiden
Height 179 cm
Weight 62 kg
Best result 10th in the Junior World Championships in 2019. 
Favorite pro rider(s) Vincenzo Nibali

Why did you start cycling?
 I was a soccer player, but started cycling after trying a training once with my best friend. It went so well that I decided to quit soccer and become a cyclist.

Name your specialties:
I’m a climber, but also a very good descender, so that comes in handy. I can also ride a pretty good time trial and even my sprint is getting better every year. I like to describe myself as an all-rounder, but with a preference for climbing.
What do you do besides cycling?
I’m still at school. I follow a class to become a bicycle mechanic. I like to have something I can turn back to when I would not be able to become a pro rider. In my free time, I play Fortnite.

Tell us your goals for 2021. 
Take the most of this experience, learn a lot and become a better rider. 

What’s your favorite race in the 2021 calendar?
Giro d’Italia U23.
What’s your dream race to win at the pros in the future?
The Tour de France.