Opel, headquartered in Rüsselsheim and one of the largest European automakers, and the official Academy car supplier. The German company will  provide the team with a customised high-quality car fleet.  Car fleets are a really important part of a cycling organisation’s daily business and with Opel we can count not only on the quality but also on the style.

Opel and the SEG Racing Academy are always in the search of breakthrough inventions and new advances in their field. Such a devotion to becoming front-runners in their respective fields of expertise brought both parties together, with the aim of improving their brand awareness and market positioning. The Academy’s cycling expertise and Opel’s eagerness to reach even a broader market also create a foundation for both sides to work together in designing car prototypes where bikes can be easily transported.

Open Driessen will be providing a great help to the team as they will be our official car dealer. With more than 50 years of expertise in the field, Driessen Autogroup offers a complete high quality solution packages to all companies and individuals. Always led by a transparent and hard-working philosophy, Driessen Autogroup is values match to the ones that have driven the Academy since its inception.