Yesterday our Milan Paulus alongside two other cyclists, Angel Deckers and Jens Reynders, planned a ride in which they visited a total of 10 hospitals in their district, Limburg (Belgium), to express their support to all the sanitary personnel during the Covid-19 outbreak. The three of them carried a big white banner with them and in each hospital that they stopped, they asked the doctors and nurses to write encourage messages for their fellow work mates in other hospitals. 

“Angel Deckers and I wanted to do something special during the corona virus crisis that is going on at the moment. So we planned a ride which included stops to 10 hospitals in our district and we brought Jens Reynders with us for some company during the ride. We carried with us a white banner to every hospital we went, so the staff could write a message for there colleagues in the other hospitals. We did this because we need this people so much. If we didn’t had this people we would not have races also without corona. We always need them so much in the races so it is not only in this period. So we wanted to let them  know that we are so thankful to them for what they are doing for us” highlights the 19-year old. 

Paulus, who joined the Academy ahead of the 2020 season after two solid years in the Junior category, looks back to the main highlights of the day. “If I think again about yesterday, the only thing that comes to mind is how thankful everyone was at every hospital. We wanted to do this and we planned it with a lot of heart, but seeing the positive reactions from everyone there it was really an amazing feeling”.