The 2020 season has been challenging at so many levels, and maybe even a bit more if that was your rookie year in the U23 category. Our talented Milan Paulus, has had a rollercoaster of a year, but despite all the hurdles along the way he is using all these experiences to build a solid base going to 2021. “Like everyone else, with Covid-19 it was not an easy year. Many goals were dropped where I would like to prove myself as a first-year. But due to the circumstances, I could already participate in the big races with the professionals. I surprised myself in those big races but unfortunately, I crashed out in one of them which meant that my short season was even shorter. That did not allow me to properly prepare myself for Ronde de l’Isard, in which I wanted to do very well and I knew that I had some good shape. I could not be up there, but that’s something that really motivates me coming into the following year”. 

Being able to jump from the junior ranks to riding in the same peloton as the best WorldTour teams, was something that really helped our young riders, and certainly will be something in which he will build some confidence around. “This year I especially learned that as a new rider in a large peloton from U23 or pro’s you should not be too afraid to claim your own place in the peloton and to dare to take your position at the front if you are good enough”. 

For 2021, the young Belgian has a clear set of goals, and together with our performance staff and coaches, he’s already working towards the next step in his development. “I just hope to improve myself in all areas next season and to show why I ended up with such a good team as the SEG Racing Academy and why I am at my place in this team. I want to show myself in the races as much as possible. And we will try as a team to be able to finish a completely beautiful season this time with many victories” concludes Paulus.