The SEG eRacing Academy was off to a solid start as Thymen Arensman seized the win in our first eRace of the year, and our riders swap the podium. Tomorrow, we our talents will lineup again for the Zwift NL Community race – Alles uit de kast, a race that you can join as well

“During the last weeks our world is enduring unprecedented and tragic moments because of the Covid-19 virus. Due to this situation and with the cancellation of all cycling events, we have resumed our racing activity via virtual cycling platforms with an alternative e-calendar. With this choice, we aim to keep our riders motivated, competitive and well-trained. The eRacing events are an alternative type of competition with high intensities and they play an important role in maintaining of some important physical characteristics of high-level racing” highlights our Performance Manager, Ioannis Tamouridis. 

When it comes to the type of effort that the riders have to put out, the eRacing sessions are much shorter than the typical road race stages, but performance wise offers our Performance Staff to work and improve the anaerobic capacity of our talents. “eRacing helps to keep the anaerobic functions working at a high level, as it is mentally difficult to maintain these top end attributes in the absence of competition. Most of the eRaces last 30-90 minutes, are very intense and possess similar characteristics to those of a short road race, criteriums, circuit or the end of a climb, working all aspects of a real-life race by following attacks, counterattacking, drafting, climbing and sprinting to the finish. Combined with a complete training program, eRacing is geared towards helping our riders train all the necessary physical attributes and at the same time keep their racing hunger and motivation high” shares Tamouridis. 

The SEG eRacing Academy is working on providing the riders with detailed webinar sessions featuring interviews, talks and masterclasses from our performance staff, Alumni riders and some of the biggest names in the sport, which will help them to improve their overall skills. “We want to approach also the off-the-bike aspects of cycling. So that’s why we created a series of webinars for our riders that will see the improving in important aspects as stretching, core training, strategy planning, etc … Once the season is full on and totally hectic, this aspects may be somehow forgotten, but now the goal is to keep providing them with a global cycling education”.