Peter Lenderink makes his racing return tomorrow
Tomorrow’s Dutch one-day classic, Echt-Susteren, will set an important milestone for our Peter Lenderink. More than 4 months after undergoing surgery for removing the vasoconstriction in his groin, the strong Dutchman will line-up tomorrow for a race for the first time this season. Peter feels happy and relaxed ahead of tomorrow’s race:

“I’m feeling good. I am still recovering from my surgery, but I am making progress. The doctors told me that I would need a minimum of 6 months to be fully recovered and on racing level again, and it’s been only four and a half months, so i still need some time. I don’t expect too much from the races yet, but I am really excited about being in a race again and I think it will help me reach a higher level, so that I can start in a very good shape next season. Next to that I am really looking forward to be part of the team again.”

Unfortunately for him it has been a long process, which required a lot of mental strength, but Lenderink, who was Junior Bronze medalist at the 2014 Junior Worlds in Ponferrada, had a clear goal and a positive mindset helped to achieve it:

“During the last season I started to deal with pain in my left leg. For a long time it was unclear to me what the problem was but in January I did some tests at the hospital and the outcome was an endofibrosis of the Iliac artery (meaning that Peter’s left Iliac artery had become very narrow). At that point I had two options: quit with cycling, or undergo the surgery and try to come back in a better shape. I knew that the recovery process was a long road and that I would miss almost the whole season but giving up cycling was never an option for me. I went for the surgery the 20th of April,and it was not an easy period for me, but I never doubted my decision.”

Even though that he already knew that he had a challenging season ahead away from the bike, Peter took part in both training camps that the team organized in Loutraki:

“Before undergoing surgery I prepared myself as good as possible and I went on with my training, and I attended both team’s training camps. It was important for me to be around my teammates in that period and get to know everyone because I wouldn’t be part of the team during the races. Once I was allowed to do some training I started to work hard. The whole progress went and is still going with ups and downs, but above all I am improving! It has been fun and important to work together with Cees Bol in the last months, so we could help each other grow to a higher level. Finally it want to thank the Academy, because during the whole period they has been a great support and gave me confidence and I am thankful for that. I am really looking forward to next season together!”

We couldn’t be happier to have Peter back on racing mode, and we look forward to see him in the races coming weeks!