Preview Ronde van Groningen & Dorpenomloop Rucphen

After a really successful start of the season where David Dekker seized a win in our season opener, Ster van Zwolle, and Jordi Meeus and Stan van Tricht seized wins in Villers-le-Temple and Wanzele’s Kermesses, we are ready for yet another action-packed weekend. Tomorrow our riders will start in Ronde van Groningen, a race that will feature a total of 174 km predominantly flat and with technical parts. Being at the front of the race it will be crucial as wind can play a crucial factor in the final outcome. 

Lineup Ronde van Groningen: Harrison Wood, Jesper Rasch, Milan Paulus, Marco Frigo & Wessel Krul. 

On Sunday, seven of our riders will be at the start line of 1.2’s Dorpenomloop Rucphen, a race that will see them tackle more than 200 km in a totally flat parcour that includes up to 9 cobbled section. Again, strong wind and potential echelons can play a really important part in the final result of the race, but the Academy presents a lineup with the needed skill set to be up there in the final. 

Lineup Dorpenomloop Rucphen: David Dekker, Maikel Zijlaard, Stan van Tricht, Jesper Rasch, Jordi Meeus, Thymen Arensman & Daan Hoole. 

Harm Bronkhorst, Performance Coach and DS in Ronde van Groningen, weights on the Academy’s momentum and Saturday’s race: 
“We had a very good season start with the win of David (Dekker) in the Ster van Zwolle, and of course that we want to repeat a similar success in Groningen, that motivates us to keep on hunting more wins. We also start with a couple of foreign riders, for whom the Dutch style of racing will be new, but we want them to get used to that as part of their integral development. The race will be wide-open, and we want to make the race happen instead to be followers. The environment in the team is great, and starting with such a streak of great results helps a lot, but we want to keep on going”.