Preview Flèche Ardennaise
A total of nine côtes through the 180 km long parcour await the riders in the 2018 edition of Flèche Ardennaise. Last year the Academy was off to a great run as our Welsh climber, Stevie Williams, finished second and Jan Maas rolled in seventh. The race will see the riders tackling slopes of more than 15% gradient before deciding the day’s glory in the final local circuit in Herve. The success enjoyed by the Academy in the races leading to Flèche Ardennaise will help in the confidence and morale of our six representatives. After a very positive week in Tour de Bretagne and the third place in Eschborn Frankfurt, we are looking forward to keeping the winning streak on. 

Lineup Flèche Ardennaise: Ide Schelling, Julius van den Berg, Cees Bol, Jan Maas, Thymen Arensman and Stevie Williams. 

Jan Maas will line up for his fourth Flèche Ardennaise: 
“I haven’t had the season start I was hoping for, but this will be the fourth time I do this race and the parcours suit me well. I know every climb in the course so my motivation is high going into Sunday. Last year’s performance will help me and the team to race more tactically as we know where the crucial points are, and how to act in each moment of the race. I am looking forward to riding as hard as I can until the tank is empty. A good result for me and the team is possible, but I will be looking to ride my bike as fast as I can and enjoy the pain”. 

Michel Cornelisse, Team DS: 
“We are all feeling great after the week in Bretagne, so we should look forward to carrying that on and fight for the win here as well. There is no much secret to it, we want to win and we have the team to do so, therefore it is easy to guess what our goal will be. In Tour de Bretagne I saw a great team everybody was selfless and ready to help each other, and that is the attitude we need to fight for the win in Flèche Ardennaise. The course suits perfectly to some of our riders, so if we all commit we will be up there at the end”.