Tomorrow our 2021 season will kick off with 7 of our talents lining up at the start line of 1.1’s Le Samyn. In the current times, the preparation has been difficult as the multiple restrictions in different countries have made it difficult for the team to organize a full-fledged training camp. However, our riders have been training in different locations like Calpe or Girona in order to get to our opening race in the best shape possible. 

Le Samyn offers a predominantly flat parcour throughout the 200+km, with its six cobbled sections being the key part of it all. Some good memories come from our experience there last year, where both 2020 Academy Graduates, David Dekker and Jordi Meeus, rode the whole day with the main group with the Dutch rider eventually taking a really hard-fought third place against a high-level field.

Lineup Le Samyn: Maikel Zijlaard, Daan Hoole, Milan Paulus, Stan van Tricht, Jesper Rasch, Wessel Krul and Dries de Pooter. 

Dries Hollanders and Pim Ligthart will be the Sports Directors in our season debut:
“We hope to see a team that is willing to work for each other. With can lead hopefully to a nice result. Next to that, we are curious about our new rider in the team just coming from the juniors it will be something special first race and directly between the pros. The preparation is a bit different then normal, we didn’t have a normal training camp like other years. The riders went their own way. This last week we are together to create a group, which is going very well. I think what we saw in training is promising for the future, everybody is in shape and without injuries!! So all by all the guys did a good job this winter. In-race goals will be riding as a team and protect our classic riders as long as possible. And race attentive from the moment we will hit the local laps” highlights Pim Ligthart.