Preview Liège-Bastogne-Liège

The time has finally come, and the team is more than ready to tackle the short steep climbs that feature the parcour of one of the five cycling monuments, Liège-Bastogne-Liège. The hard and hilly parcour together with the famous climbs that the peloton will face during the day, makes it one of the most special appointments in our racing calendar. The Academy will present a strong and ambitious six-man lineup that will be ready to work as one piece and aim for the victory in the closing part of the day. The race will present a total of 9 côtes alongside the 174 km of racing, including some of the cycling’s most famous hills like the Côte de la Redoute or the Côte de Saint Nicholas, placed 11 km away from the finish line. 

Lineup LBL U23: Ide Schelling, Daan Hoole, Thymen Arensman, Julius van den Berg, Jan Maas & Stevie Williams. 

Julius van den Berg will race the U23 version of La Doyenne for the second time: 
“I am feeling really good and with fresh legs so I hope to perform well in the race. Liège-Bastogne-Liège it is a very special race with a really hard parcour, I am really excited to be there. We have a strong team and we have to race as one and help each other to stay in the front of the race, if we work like this it will be easier to be present in the final and fight for a great result. For my experience the crucial point of the race will be from La Côte de la Redoute onwards, and again position will be crucial coming into the climb otherwise you can lose all your aspirations for the day really quickly”. 

Michel Cornelisse is ambitions ahead of tomorrow’s race: 
“Liège-Bastogne-Liège is one of the most important one-day races of the year, so I expected a motivated team ready to shine in such a race. I want to see a team that it is ready to race, always focused and aiming to be an active part of the final outcome. If we do so, I have no doubt that a great result will come along the way. If you want to win you have to always be close to the front, but in this particular race a climb like La Redoute will put the best and strongest riders together. All in all I think that Liège it is a very honest race, only the best riders are able to be in the leading group in the end and fight for the win, and we will try to be there with as much guys as possible”.