With an always-changing landscape in the cycling world, our Performance Staff is working hard behind the scenes to keep the development of our talents on the right track at the same time that we put across the best possible racing calendar. Ahead of our upcoming training camp in Limburg, our Performance Manager, Ioannis Tamouridis reflects on the importance of such a gathering and how it can influence the performance in the upcoming goals. 

– From a performance standpoint, what’s the goal of the upcoming training camp?
For another year we are living a very unpredictable and insecure season with many traveling restrictions and quarantine regulations. For these reasons, it was difficult for us to organize the usual official training camp in Greece we have been doing for the last six years. We understand the importance of bringing all the riders together before the first races not only for performance reasons but also to create the proper team spirit and to build a united group, and this is our goal for the upcoming training camp. We are already at the end of April and all our riders have already participated in different races and now it’s time to bring them all together.

– How is the performance staff adapting to the changing environment and races/goals being canceled.
It is continuous work for the performance staff and the sports director’s with all the sudden changes in the racing schedule. We always try to have a plan B or even C because most of the time the initial plan changes and we are in a difficult position to communicate something different to the riders. Hopefully, there is understanding from all sides but for sure the lack of Racing is affecting the development of this generation of riders which is really unfortunate. Let’s hope that this situation is going to end soon!

– Despite the lack of Racing, how does the performance staff ensure the #talentdevelopment of the riders?
It is extremely hard to keep the riders at such a young age motivated and at a high level only with training. Their individual development as professional riders is based on a good racing program not only to increase their performance but also to improve their tactic skills, work as a team, and generally learn from the mistakes that they will make by racing. For these reasons we try to organize often short training camps in Limburg for the Dutch and Belgian riders or in Greece for the British and Italian riders, where we follow the training and we are there to note important points to improve or change. We believe it is very important to stay always close to our riders and support them during these difficult moments.