With the first training camp coming to an end, and the second one just a few days away, our Performance Manager Ioannis Tamouridis, looks back to what this period means to the rider’s performance. Our season opener is approaching, so the Greek Performance Manager also discusses how the training program will be adapted and the preparation will be on point for our 2020 debut.

Performance and training wise, how do you see the team? What progress has been made? 

I believe that we have a high-level of integration at the team with riders of all specialties, from ‘classics’ riders and sprinters to top time-trialists and climbers. There are also large age difference between our riders. These factors require careful training handling and planning because the young riders need to develop without over training, and the most mature ones have to do their best in important competitions in order to win the interest from WorldTour teams. Compared to last year’s performance tests, the riders improved so this is something that makes us feel optimistic for their future results and development.

What were the goals for January’s training program?

January’s key training goals were to add enough training volume and improve the strength factor on on both the bike and the gym. There is a lot of work being done in the middle intensity training zones so that the transition to the highest intensities is smooth. We always try not to forget the anaerobic characteristics of the riders with some short and high intensities efforts. On our first training camp in Loutraki, due to the good weather conditions, we completed a very important training cycle. Certainly every rider follows a specialised training program for their characteristics but on the training camps we try to keep the team under an almost identical training plan. A part from the performance, a factor that we take into consideration is the right team building and the good relationship between our riders. Teamwork is one of the most important factors in achieving a good result.

How will the training sessions change coming into late-February, March?

As we approach the races, training becomes increasingly personalised for each athlete and his characteristics. The training volume is reduced and more efficient and targeted intensity is added. The second training camp in Loutraki, is mainly to improve  the technical and tactic characteristics of our riders either by simulated finishes or even races. We are at the point to know the racing schedule of each athlete and which it will be his primary goals and what is the training plan to target these goals. Of course we will use some races to approach to the top shape of each rider but our main goal is to optimise their performance through special training workouts before the races.