After 10 days of hard training in the Limburg region, we have put an end to our training camp and we switch our full focus towards the upcoming goals, starting with Circuit Wallonie on Thursday. ” The main goal of this camp was to bring all the riders together before the next big goals and build a united group with the proper team spirit. Even the specific intervals were built with this aim and we believe that in the end the riders enjoyed the hard training and did important work for the following races” highlights Performance Manager Ioannis Tamouridis.

The hard sessions completed and the bonding among all team members will be a really important asset when it comes to fighting together for the biggest goals of the season. “In addition to team building, the next important goal was to prepare the riders for the following one-day races, with course recons and specific workouts. Unfortunately, the last-minute cancellation of Flèche Ardennaise changed our plans but we tried to stay motivated and use this gap as a good opportunity to become closer”. 

Now that the main part of the base work is done, our preparation will change slightly towards a higher load of racing days, including the Giro d’Italia U23 as well as the Europeans and World Championships. We are all hoping that the following period will be with fewer cancellations and more races to do. A proper preparation block with all the necessary training loads has been done and now all the riders are waiting motivated the moment to race. From now and then we hope to have more racing, recovery, and specific details to fix, aiming for the perfection of each rider’s performance” concludes Tamouridis.