Today’s race at Druivenkoers Overijse was an eventful one for all involved. The race was off to a fast start and quickly the breakaway of the day formed, but Harrison Wood representing our flag in the move. The young Brit together with his breakaway companions worked well together to increase the gap around the 3-min mark. 

The peloton kept the gap always under control, with the rest of our talents saving energy in the main group. It wasn’t until 70 km to the line that the race broke into pieces and several groups formed. Later on and already into the last local lap a sole leader broke clear and four of our riders could be found in a large chasing group. Harrison Wood, who was brought back from the break, was working well with Milan Paulus to position fast men Sean Flynn and Wessel Krul in the best position possible for the final. 

Shortly before getting into the end part of the day, the race was neutralized due to a fire taking place close where the race had to go through. Despite being in a solid position to contest for a Top 10 finish, we lost all hope in the first five kilometers after the restart, as a mechanical problem eliminated Wessel Krul from the fight and shortly after Sean Flynn was caught in a crash. 

It wasn’t our Sunday, but we will be back on Sunday with Ronde van Achterhoek. 

Dries Hollanders, looks back at today: 
“It was a disappointing restart after the neutralization. Before that point, we had 4 guys in the chasing group, but just after the race went on again we lost two of our fastest guys in a matter of 5 km due to crashes and mechanicals. It is hard to go past the thought that we did a good job all day long and we were up there in the final with three fresh riders and Harrison who came back from the break willing to work for his teammates. We have to be happy with the performance, even though that lady luck was not on our side. We will try again on Sunday”.