Wood wraps up Ronde van Groningen with a Top 15

Ronde van Groningen presented a totally flat parcour, which included some strong headwind all day long. The race was off to hectic start as in the first kilometers, three of our riders were forced to stop for a bike change following crashes in the bunch. The peloton reminded together for more than 30 km. After, due to the strong wind, the peloton broke in different group with Wessel Krul making it to the front one, and Harrison Wood and Jesper Rasch in the chasing one. 

Both front groups come together after a while, and the great understanding between all riders helped the group to quickly increase the gap. Wood followed the eventual winning move that featured 17 other riders, with a bit over 50 kms to go. Our British rider played a part in increasing the gap to the chasers, and it was clear that they would make it to the finish, the attacking-game started. The 20-year old found himself in a position that he had to close a gap all by himself, leaving a lot of energy in that effort. In the closing part of the day, Wood did not had the legs in had to let the front group go, but still managed to seize a Top 15 finish in his first race of the season. 

Harrison Wood, looks back to today’s race: 
“It was a pretty nervous race with the wind and it’s constant changes in direction. I had a crash after just two kilometers in but I was soon back in the peloton. After around 50 kms the race split in the crosswinds and we had me and Wessel (Krul) in front which was okay but not perfect. I then followed a move and was away in an 18-man group but I was quite outnumbered. In the final I made a silly mistake in closing a gap solo but I think if I didn’t close that gap then that group would of gone on to win. In the end I didn’t have the legs to go for the win but I’m still happy with how my first real echelons race went on the flat parcours”.