Schelling on fixed gear racing: “I am learning a lot and becoming a better rider”
Last month we announced that SEG Racing Academy was set to ride in fixed gear criteriums in the NL Crit Series with the aim of participating in the Red Hook Milano. In this period of time, our Ide Schelling has been part of two fixed gear criteriums already and the young Dutchman highlights the uniqueness of these events. “My experience so far has been great, I really like riding in fixed gear. It is a whole new discipline which requires a lot of skill and not only fast legs. Everything that surrounds these events it is really relaxed, nice and open which makes this experience even better”. 

Schelling, who counts his fixed gear crit participations for podiums with third in Draai and second in Amsterdam, points out that by riding these races he is improving his skill set and becoming a better bike rider. “By riding in fixed gear I am learning a lot of skills in which you don’t pay that much attention while racing in the road. Also, I am learning from many other riders as well which it is nothing but positive for my development”. 

The 20-year old will race in one of the biggest races of the season when it comes to fixed gear criteriums, the Red Hook Milano, the upcoming 6th of October. “It will be something really special, racing in Milano it is like the Tour de France of the fixed gear scene. There’s max of 350 riders who already signed up for the event, so it will be spectacular and I am really looking forward to it. Regarding results, I will go into the race with the aim of having fun, and then I am sure that I will get out the best version of myself. I hope to get through the qualification rounds and then see how far I can come into the final and show myself. It’s something really exciting to work towards!”.