Schelling takes second in the Giro stage
After the Mortirolo stage, the bunch faced a predominantly flat parcour that brought them all the way to Levico Terme. The day started really fast, as per usual, with the race capturing 46 km/h average in the first hour of racing. The first part of the stage featured several attacks trying to make it up the road. Alex Evans was second in the first KOM point of the day. 

Our combative Ide Schelling showed his form and entered into the move that stuck. The peloton allowed them no more than 2 minutes before picking up the pace. However, the 5-man group entered into two final local laps with a gap of one and a half minutes. The good cooperation allowed the breakaway group to play for the win and as we hit the decisive part of the day the leading men found themselves in an attack-after-attack battle. 

Our Ide Schelling worked hard to stay ahead of the bunch, but only one rider was stronger than him which forced him into the second position of the day after a really solid performance. We enter into the final weekend of racing here in Italy with ambition and good vibes after some good days.