The Borrego Springs Crit marked the opening of the first-ever U23 eRacing competition. The parcour, that was totally flat and 7,7 km long, was tackled by the bunch a total of 5 times. The long straight roads and the only four corners in the circuit led to a really fast start from the bunch, which had some riders losing contact to the main group. 

As the laps were coming down, the high pace set by the peloton disabled any attacks which led all participants to save their legs for a final hard push to the line. The final sprint saw our David Dekker getting to the line ahead of all his rivals followed by Reto Muller from the Swiss Racing Academy with James Tillet closing up the podium. 

 Top 10
1. David Dekker (SEG eRacing Academy) 
2. Reto Müller (Swiss Racing Academy) 
3. James Tillet (Team Elite Restauration)
4. Dennis Grasvold (Dare Bikes Development Team)
5. Henri Uligh (Rad Net Rose Team)
6. Jonas Iversby Hvideberg (UNOX Norwegian Development Team)
7.  Mathijs Loman (TWC Tempo Hoppenbrouwers-Viro)
8. Reuben Thompson (Telco-M On Clima)
9. Tijs Verstappen (Maes CT Glabbeek)
10. Daan Hoeks (WPGA)

Full results here: Results Criterium SEG eRacing U23 Series

David Dekker, first winner of the SEG eRacing U23 Series: 
“I am very happy to have come away with the win! It was a really interesting format and the fact that it came down to a bunch sprint was perfect for me. I think that we worked well as a team, and step by step we are improving our eRacing tactics. We were really motivated to get a good result, we set a plan and it went down perfectly. We are looking forward to the next races, where I think that we have a very good chance of winning again!” 

The next race of the SEG eRacing U23 Series will be on May the 1st as the bunch will tackle the Paterberg Classic!
Check out how the race unfolded in our Live Stream!