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We are delighted to announce that together with Tacx we are launching the SEG Performance Challenge that will take place in the Tacx Training app. This challenge consist of three different major and iconic climbs where participants will have to pace themselves to the top. During the total six weeks of this challenge, we will educate the riders on how to become a better and faster climber. Even though that the event will be open to all riders, we will pay special attention to U23 talents. The best performing U23 riders who impress the SEG Racing Academy performance staff the most, will get a chance to secure a spot on their training camp!

Start dates of the challenges:
18/06 Puig Major: This is one of the most well-known climbs of Mallorca. Though the gradient is steady around 6% and never gets too steep, it’s the length that makes it hard. You will definitively feel your legs on the 14 km long way up!
· Max. slope: 9,6%
· Total distance in this challenge: 19,19 km
· Climbing height: 847 m

02/07 Galibier: The impressive Col du Galibier is one of the toughest climbs in the Alps. With an average gradient of 7%, there is hardly any place to rest on this 18km long ascent. Save some energy during the ride because it will be very tough, especially in the final part.
· Max. slope: 11,4%
· Total distance in this challenge: 26,95km
· Climbing height: 1196m

12/07 Alpe d’Huez: This climb, also known as the Dutch Mountain, is both famous and notorious. Its 21 hairpin bends to the top have become iconic in the world of cycling. The average grade of 8% makes it fairly relentless, but especially be beware of the steepest grades in the early part.
· Max. slope: 11,9%
· Total distance in this challenge: 14,82 km
· Climbing height: 1095m

Aike Visbeek, SEG Racing Academy Director:
“We wanted to create a challenge where young talented riders can open the door towards a professional career in the WorldTour. In the same time we want to offer all participants a chance to test and develop themselves into a better cyclist with the professional performance staff of SEG Racing Academy and Cyclinglab”

“This challenge will feature an educational part before each of the rides and we will also answer more in depth questions during a podcast. With the help of an informative blog post from our performance staff, we’ll be giving away tips and tricks on how to perform better in each of the major featured climbs”

“This is a great opportunity for upcoming talents to improve their climbing abilities as well as for all participants to become better in conquering long mountains climbs. The goal is that all riders will be on their best level before the grand final on the Alpe d’Huez!”