SEG Racing Academy dominates and wins the Dutch National U23 Championships

What a race it was! We came into the race with the goal of retaining the Dutch Champions jersey. A goal which we confidently achieved. 

Our riders followed clear and deliberate team instructions and went on the attack from the very first kilometers of the day. In the very first instances of the race it was Adriaan Janssen who took the lead with three other, just behind him was Ide Schelling in a group of three. Eventually the rest of the peloton caught up with them. For the rest of the race it was a breakaway group of a strong Julian van de Berg - boosted by his Time Trial tiltle win - and the confident Harthijs de Vries along with a handful of other riders.
In the second to last lap Fabio made the jump from the peloton to the front group with two other rider on the hardest climb of the course. From there on it was the group of four with Harthijs and Fabio who took control with some very smart teamwork with Harthijs regularly attacking ahead in the meantime Julius remaind behind in a small group with the peloton further still. Coming into the final 5km Julius made the jump right to the front group of which tree of the four riders were SEG Racing Academy riders. 
After an amazing lead-out Jakobsen had no rival in the final sprint and secured the win. With Hartthijs in third and Van den Berg in fourth. 

Jakobsen retains the U23 Dutch National champion, and seizes his fifth win of the season. Not only that, he completes an amazing run at the nationals as in the last three years he has won twice and was second in 2015. 

We can look back to a successful run at this year’s nationals as we come out with two wins and a total of three medals. The whole was a fantastic team performance with all the riders smartly working together to dominate the race and assure success.