Sixth place in the opening TTT at the Czech Tour

The 2017 edition of the Czech Cycling Tour kicked off in Uničov with a 18,6 km long Team Time Trial. It was a fast parcour with some with some technical section that our guys overcame sensationally in their way to a final sixth place overall, with four riders finishing just 28 seconds down on the winning squad.

The team’s strategy was based on using the power of some of the riders in the first kilometers of the stage, meanwhile some other saved energy riding on the wheels. It was key the effort at the early part of the stage of Adriaan Janssen, Henrik Evenssen and Stevie Williams. As the switched turns that saved power counted and riders of the likes of Jan Maas, Marten Kooistra, Edo Affini and the U23 Dutch National Champion Julius van den Berg made the team effort count and finished in sixth place overall against a very strong field. 

Tomorrow a very tough day await the riders as the parcours holds never-ending ups and downs during the whole 202 km long stage. It was a a very good way to start off the race, and we hope to keep it that way.