No cycling team is complete without the soigneurs’ precious dedication. They are the ones helping the riders keep their legs fresh and feeding them the right food. Their work happens mostly in the background and is hardly seen by those who are not at the races. Nevertheless, we are very appreciative of their efforts. Read their quotes to learn a bit more about what they do and what their motivations are.

Froukje van Zinnen – Head of operations & soigneur
“I love cycling and I want to help other people with their passion. My goal is to help the boys succeed in their own personal goals. When they are confident and feel good about themselves, they will become the cyclist that they want to be. I hope I can create a safe environment so they can perform as well as possible, and make them feel like they are part of a really passionate family”.

Carlijn Oostenbrink Soigneur
“I always liked the sport and especially enjoyed watching the Tour de France. As a physiotherapist, I always wanted to work with athletes who take their sport seriously! My goal for the upcoming season is to help the riders as well as I can and to enjoy this amazing sport!”

Leon Kolenburg Soigneur
“I feel inspired by this sport and being able to be part of such a family is something that I really like. I want to help these young talents to grow in the best possible environment and help them to become not only good riders but also better persons”.

Toon HoutekamerSoigneur
“Cycling and racing takes you to wonderful spots that you will never go on your own. Being away with this team it really frees your mind up and makes you enjoy the races as much as the riders and give everything you have so they just have to care about riding their bikes as fast as possible”