Stan van Tricht

Date of birth 20/09/1999
Country Belgium
Place of residence Boutersem
Height 174 cm
Weight 64 kg
Best result Stage 2 at 2019’s Olympia’s Tour and 3rd in the Tour of Rhodes GC and Best Young Rider
Favorite pro rider(s) Philippe Gilbert

Why did you start cycling?

A friend of mine asked if I would go with him to the cycling school on Tuesday evening. I felt that I had some talent for it and i just really loved to ride my bike as fast as possible. 

Name your specialties:
 My specialty are races with a lot of shorter hills like races in the Ardennes or Dutch Limburg. 
What do you do besides cycling?

Beside cycling I study for bio-engineer at the University of Leuven witch takes a lot of the time left beside cycling. 

Tell us your goals for 2021. 

To keep on becoming a better bike rider.  

What’s your favorite race in the 2021 calendar?
Although it isn’t 100% my type of race, Paris-Roubaix U23 is my favourite race because is has the most character and heroism.  You can really feel this on the bike and it makes you able to push it beyond your limit.   
What’s your dream race to win at the pros in the future?

The Tour of Flanders is my dream race because I live in Flanders and it is about the biggest thing a classics rider can achieve.