SEG Racing Academy’s Statement regarding COVID-19

After the decision of the Dutch and Belgian authorities to cancel all cycling races until the 31st of March, following the already announced cancellation of France’s Tour de Normandie and Tour de Bretagne, the SEG Racing Academy’s racing program has been altered and we won’t be racing during the remainder of the month. The health and well-being of the riders, staff, fans and neighbors is the main concern and we fully support the decision. Everyone in the Academy is in constant contact with the medical staff and updates are provided regularly. 

However, from a sportive point of view, we are disappointed not to be able to carry on one of our best-ever season starts with four wins in just six racing days, which showed the great work done by the riders and the performance staff during the winter period. At this moment, we will switch our focus to training hard and optimize the preparation of our talents for the next period of races.  

Aike Visbeek, SEG Racing Academy Director: 
“We fully respect the decision made by the authorities and we are already working on adapting the training plan of each rider to the situation. From the cycling point of view it’s a pity that all the work done by the riders, trainers and performance staff to be in top shape at this point of the season won’t be shown in races, but our goal now is to be fit and ready for when the racing program is resumed”