Stavrakakis: “I want to make 2018 a special one for me and the team”

Junior European Individual Pursuit champion in 2016, George Stavrakakis, was one of our latest additions to the 2018 roster after being followed by our performance staff for a long period of time. The Greek youngster met his new teammates back in November, and joined the team training camp in Loutraki last month. “I can say that the training camp had a deep impact on my performance. It was a perfect 12-day block with most of my teammates, and definitely helped us to push ourselves to the limit. We did a lot of hours on the bike each day but all in all we all had fun, even when we sprinted at the end of each training session” highlights Stavrakakis. 

The 19-year old Greek talent is ready to hit the ground running in his second season in the U23 ranks. “I feel that I have improved a lot from last year already. The environment at the Academy is great and everything is run more professionally, so I am working really hard to make 2018 a special one for me and the team”. Stavrakakis hopes that the learning process he underwent last year as newcomer to the category pays off with better results and more impact while wearing the Academy colors. “Every year that I join a new category I have to adapt to the new level of racing. It happened to me when I moved up to junior level and to U23 as well. So I expect to ride much better now that I am already familiar with the category”. 

Stavrakakis marks the 2018 season as a really important one for his development as a bike rider, and enjoy the international training program that the team puts together every year. “I have worked really hard this winter with the goal of becoming a complete rider. Most of the races we will take part in offer a wide variety of terrain, so I want to have a complete set of skills so I can fill any gaps and be competitive”. However, the Greek rider does not pressure himself when it comes to achieving top results or taking part in certain races. “If I do everything perfect from a training and recovery point of view the results and rewards will come along the way. I am not worried about it, my main focus it to the best version of myself”.