Stavrakakis: “Racing on Zwift pushes your limits”
George Stavrakakis is kicking off his second season in the Academy get up. This off-season our 20-year old has featured four times our lineup in KISS Super League races, finishing in a well-fought sixth place last week in round 8. “Zwift is a very nice new experience. It’s the easiest way to test yourself against the pros by staying at your own house. Zwift can move cycling forward and attract this way more people to get on the bikes and ride against the big names. The risk of crashing is zero, no possibility of rain, wind and you manage the environment as you like” highlights our Greek rider. 

Stavrakakis, who recently started his road at GP Rhodes in his home country, followed by Belgium’s Houtse Linies last Saturday, sees that the combination of road training and home-based sessions can have a positive impact in your performance and later development. “You can really push your limits. In the four races I have done, going easy it is not an option, you must push hard to stay in the front group. I really look forward to seeing how this project develops and what awaits in the next step, because so far everything has been really satisfying”. 

The Academy is one of the eight professional teams who form the first ever esports cycling competition. For our Greek youngster, the fact that the team participates and devotes efforts to push the sport forward it is the way to go. “It is very revolutionary and I am happy to be part of it with the Academy. Hopefully, it will get bigger and more famous because it is nothing but beneficial for cycling, either pros or fans”.