Stevie Williams is ready to take on the Baby Giro

Stevie Williams is enjoying his first year at SEG Racing Academy, where he landed attracted for the international calendar that the team offers: “As a young rider is really important to have a calendar that goes according to your abilities. I think that it is a key factor when it comes to progress, and SEG Racing Academy offered me that”.

The British rider, who moved to the team apartment in Girona at the beginning of the season, showed his climbing abilities in the last Ronde de l’Isard where he finished sixth in the Hospice de France and in the iconic Plateau de Beille: "Girona has great roads and a great variety of terrains to train in. There I can develop myself as a climber."

Williams is set to perform again in the mountainous stages of the upcoming Baby Giro. An iconic race that he really looks forward to: “The race will be wide open until the last day, but we have a strong to going in. Personally, I had a good block of training in Girona and I have been working in my TT position the last few days. Things have been going well so I hope to get myself in a good position going into the final stage.”