Ahead of the 2020 season, the SEG Racing Academy signed the multi-talented Corbin Strong from New Zealand. Shortly before he was supposed to join the Academy organization, he became World Track Points Champion in Berlin, and runner-up in the Team Pursuit. However, the whole global pandemic changed his plans and he could not debut in Academy colors nor fulfill his Tokyo Olympics preparation. “2020 was definitely a hard year. It was suppose to be a very busy year with my first season in Europe and goal of medaling at the Olympic Games. I feel I dealt with the postponement of the events really well and continued to train and develop well. When SEG Racing Academy started racing again it was really cool to see the team be so successful. But it was a hard time for me personally as I really wanted to be in Europe racing with the team. I think it just makes me more motivated for the 2021 season and i will be determined to make the most of my opportunities next season” points out Strong. 

Despite having a solid 2020 with the above-mentioned World Title and dominating the local scene, Strong looks forward to his first full-year of racing-action in Europe. “I’m really excited for the 2021 season, the SEG Racing Academy have been very successfully and I’m excited to race with them and prove myself on the road in Europe. The first part of the season I will enjoy a few months on the road in Europe before focusing on the Tokyo Olympic Games in August where I believe our New Zealand team have a great chance at contending for gold in the team pursuit. After the games I will refocus on my ambitions on the road for the remainder of the season”

Even thought that ambitions are high for next year, the talented rider from New Zealand showcases his strong mindset as he takes development as his first priority. “For me I’m really looking forward to developing on the road in Europe. I lack road racing experience in Europe I’m really looking forward to the challenge. from what I know now the racing will be very different to the Oceania and Asian racing scene where I’ve performed previously”