We are really happy to announce that Superspark Bicycle Tools and the SEG eRacing Academy will partner up from 2020 onward. The Dutch-based company will equip our service course with a fully-equipped VAR Working Kitchen that will ease the work of our mechanics and help to have a better organised place of work. Founded in 1991, Superspark Bicycle Tools has been offering special equipment and tools for all cyclists, for almost three decades, which showcase their expertise in the field. 

Uschi van der Velde, Superspark Bicycle Tools: 
With the partnership with SEG Racing Academy we want to bring our companymore into the world of cycling. SEG eRacing Academy has a big audience and fanatic fans all over the world,  and through this partnership we hope we can settle our company and the brand VAR Tools more into this world. Also by installing a VAR Working kitchen at the SEG eRacing Academy’s Service Course we hope people get interested in this great product so we can make it available to more clients. Joining forces with the SEG eRacing Academy allows us to help to develop the next generation of cycling starts, and that and contribute to the development of this project”. 

Tessel Sprengers, SEG eRacing Academy’s Head of Mechanics: 
“We are very happy to bring Superspark Bicycle Tools on board. They products are really good and all the mechanics are excited to get their hands onto the all the new working kitchen. We really believe in the quality of their products, and we think that by working together we have a great opportunity to contribute, through our feedback, to the development of their tools”.