Sven Burger comesback to 6th in Koga Slag om Norg
After suffering a knee injury that kept him away from the road from February onwards, Sven Burger made his comeback at the U23 Dutch Nationals at the end of June and last Sunday, with just two racing days on the legs, he took sixth in Koga Slag om Norg, a UCI 1.1 race that features more of 50 km off-road. “Really happy and delighted, I’ve been sidelined for such a long time that I couldn’t wait to make my comeback regardless of what the result would be, however, I didn’t expect myself to be riding on the front and finish 6th at Slag om Norg UCI 1.1 but that gave me some good confidence! ” points out Burger. 

Now that he has been back in the game for almost a month, the 22-year old all-rounder reflects on what expectations he had in mind. “I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get back in shape after 4 months of inactivity but I always had good faith. Thanks to Vasilis Anastopoulos (Performance Manager) I had a good build-up and we expect I will only get better and better from now on”. 

The mental side of being injured is highlighted by Burger as the toughest one. Thanks to the help of Lobke Blom, SEG Racing Academy’s mental coach, the 3rd overall of the 2018 Carpathian Race GC could be back to the level he belongs. “Being injured is always hard, especially during the season and for myself mentally as I wanted to show what I’m really capable off this season. In the past, I’ve had to deal with some other major injuries so I know what it takes and the fact I always got back stronger gave me some good motivation. I rather win races but I never learned that much, being injured and hitting rock bottom gave me the opportunity to really learn about myself. It’s tough but worth a lot and will only help me in the future”