During the period of six weeks, we had the SEG Performance Challenge up and running in the Tacx Training App, which featured three iconic climbs such as the Puig Major, the Galibier and the infamous Alpe d’Huez. The uniqueness of this challenge is that one of the top-performing riders would be invited to our training camp after deep analysis and contact with our management and Performance Staff. Mathijs Loman was the rider selected to join the SEG Racing Academy in late-July during the training camp in Limburg. 

“The SEG Performance Challenge was a really nice opportunity to show myself. Since there were no races for quite a while, it was nice to have some sort of goal. The rides themselves were pretty challenging. Normally I ride quite a bit on my Tacx Neo during the winter and opening a window is then enough to keep cool. Now it was totally different from higher temperatures, so it was also an extra challenge to keep cool. The climbs were quite different from each other and gave a nice variety to each ride” points out Loman. 

During his days on our training camp, the 20-year old Dutch rider could enjoy different rides on the Limburg area and be part of the team’s environment. “The days at the training camp were a lot of fun, but also quite challenging. The weather and area were a real pleasure to ride in. Both days were pretty long and had some intervals, but I felt good and was able to comfortably follow the pace of the Academy. The thing that impressed me most about the riders of the Academy was their drive and focus on their goals. Just from talking a couple of minutes to them, you could instantly notice they were very professional. Training in such an environment was really inspiring and motivating” closes Loman. 

Aike Visbeek, also weights on the challenge: 
“It was great that we could have a rider like Mathijs Loman joining the camp after completing the three stages of the SEG Performance Challenge. That shows the reach that we can have in partnering with Tacx. After analyzing the performances over the three stages together with our performance staff we decided to invite him over, and I think that overall it was a great experience for us both”