Q&A Ioannis Tamouridis

With the season done and dusted and the riders slowly coming back to the training routine, we sat down with Ioannis Tamouridis, our Performance Manager, to have a quick look at the 2021 season. The ups, the downs, and the potential improvements. 

How are you looking back to the season from a performance point of view?
Our main goal was always to develop our riders in order to be prepared for the next step and I believe that we achieved that goal. With the support of the performance staff and also the inputs from our team of DS, we tried to understand and analyze our rider’s weaknesses and their strengths and work on this. You always want to be up there winning races and it is never enough, but the general level was high enough and almost all riders achieved good results during the season.

What have been the main improvement points?
Of course, one important part of their development is performance where the improvement of their physical abilities is one of the main goals but is not only about numbers and power. Balanced and proper nutrition on and off the bike, the importance of recovery, and a sporting lifestyle as a professional rider are parts that are strongly connected with their performance and we always try to give them the right directions. A part of the performance, we were also focused on their tactical skills and the way to take out the best of this group during the races. Our philosophy was to keep a group united, where teamwork is the only way to success and everyone has his own role but also the same opportunities.

What could have been improved?
At the beginning of the season, we faced again a difficult situation with the restrictions due to the coronavirus. That fact prevented us from organizing our usual training camps in Greece at the beginning of the season and lost not only important training loads but also the opportunity to build a stronger team spirit. Also, another fact that I believe affected our results was the limited number of riders on our roster at the end of the season. For this reason, we were forced to always use the same riders and that’s caused accumulated fatigue and lack of motivation sometimes.