Team Building Camp Recap
Last weekend the 2019 roster of the Academy gathered together at CTO Eindhoven in order to kick off the upcoming season and meet all the riders and staff members. The group enjoyed all sort of activities, from karting and GYM training to MTB racing without forgetting some physical and blood testing. “Our roster is more international than last year, so it was great to see riders from different countries and cultures coming together and start building relationships after just 3 days, and that is a good sign coming to the 2019 season” points out Performance Manager Vasilis Anastopoulos. 

The Academy talents got great insights in all sides of cycling as a workshop focus on nutrition was organized by our partner Natusport. All the knowledge and the conversations entailed around these topics set the track for the coming season. “The purpose of these meetings it is to create a group of riders that will act as a team and not as individuals in and out of the races. During camps like this we can gather together all the riders and through various activities, we help them in developing in aspects like nutrition, training, tactics …”. 

Some of our riders will head to Loutraki already in the month of December in order to intensively begin the preparations for the season. The first team training camp will kick off in mid-January and will be followed by another one in February. “We have a very strong team for 2019, with really fast sprinters, talented climbers, and solid all-rounders, so it is time to put all the pieces of the puzzle together in order to improve what we did last season” concludes Anastopoulos.