Teamwork delivers Cees Bol to fifth in Heistse Pijl
Today’s Heistse Pijl presented a 194 km long parcour in a predominantly flat course. The race was off to a fast start with multiple attacks and attempts to make it to the breakaway. Eventually, it was a 5-man group the one that made it up the road with our Belgian rider, Jordi Meeus, representing the Academy colors up front. The break was allowed four minutes before the main group picked up the pace and broke the race into small groups. 

The race came back together with 80 km to go and from there on it was a succession of attacks and groups trying to broke clear of the peloton. Our Marten Kooistra went away alongside with eight other riders but they were back with two laps left to the local final circuit. In the final part of the stage, our riders worked together to deliver Cees Bol into the best position possible coming into the last cobbled climb. The 22-year old lost a bit of contact to the leading trio in the slopes of the hill but came back to the front group with 400 m to go. The strong effort that the strong Dutchman carried during the climb and in the chase left him totally empty and couldn’t contest the sprint but rolled in fifth place overall. 

Thanks to today’s effort and the second place seized two weeks ago in GP Marcel Kint, Cees Bol moves into the overall lead of the Napoleon Games Cup. The Dutchman has shown, once again, his consistency as he holds a total of 27 racing days in his legs and in 20 of them he has bee within the Top 10. 

Cees Bol, new overall leader of the Napoleon Cup Games:
“The plan was to put somebody of the team into the breakaway and then in the final hour, we knew that we had to follow some of the attacks if we wanted to be in the front. In the last lap, it was clear that we would go to the foot of the climb as one big group, and my teammates did an amazing job to put me in position. The images say it all! We had one of the strongest trains and we were racing against pro teams, which makes me really proud. In the last climb, three riders went away and I countered that move together with Wouter Wippert. We made it back already in the last kilometer but I did not have good legs anymore. Leading the overall classification of the Napoleon Games Cup it is great, I took some points in the intermediate sprints and with the fifth place at the end, it helped me to move up in the overall standings. Being up there it is a big confirmation of consistency and especially against a really strong field”.