The Academy wraps up an amazing week with the overall win in l’Isard and a podium in GP Marcel Kint
An unforgettable week for the Academy was wrapped up in the best possible way by our talents. Stevie Williams sealed the overall win in the first European U23 stage race of the season and Cees Bol kept his amazing result chart on point after sprinting to second place in Belgium’s 1.1 GP Marcel Kint. 

The 4-day Ronde de l’Isard ended in an epic way, as three first category climbs awaited the riders on their way to Saint Girons. Our Welsh climber, winner of the first two stages, started the day with 23 seconds over the second rider in the overall classification. Always protected by his teammates the race was smoothly advancing until a first flat tire in the second climb of the day obligated the race leader to put his foot on the ground, but with the quick help of his teammate Daan Hoole, quickly got back to the bunch. Already with all the climbing in the books, Williams punctured again with 15 kilometers to go and the race wide open, but once again the help of a teammate helped him to save a very difficult situation. Jan Maas gave his back wheel to the Welshman, after pulling in front of the group of favorites for many kilometers. Both riders could come back to the main group, and limited Williams’ loses and taking home the 2018 Ronde de l’Isard title. 

Stevie Williams, 2018 Ronde de l’Isard winner. 
“I am over the moon after winning Ronde de l’Isard. I want to thank my teammates who were amazing during the whole race. We controlled the race perfectly and they just set me up for every finish in the best possible way. In the last day, we had to battle against the elements, but we were strong enough to get through everything. It means a lot to be able to win a race like this and it gives nothing but confidence to keep on working and building on from here”. 

GP Marcel Kint was our last race of an action-packed weekend, but the Academy riders kept our successful streak going and delivered Cees Bol into second place. The race was off to hectic start with the main group not letting any of the attacks go. Our riders reminded well-positioned at all times and after several attacks of Julius van den Berg in the closing end of the race, the team put Cees Bol into position for the final bunch sprint. The 22-year Dutchman keeps on showing his talent and took his tenth podium of the season. 

Cees Bol has been off to an amazing season start and picked up his 19th Top 10 of the season:
“The race was really fast, with lots of attacks but any of them got a big lead. Sometimes there were big groups going away so we followed them, but our intention was to play it all in the final, and Julius (van den Berg) attacked a lot. I went for the sprint and ended up behind Bouhanni, but being second in a 1.1 race it is a big result for me, another confirmation of the good form that I have had this season. The last two months have been incredible for me, I am really happy with the way that everything is working out after what happened last year”.