The analysis of a win
Last Saturday Marten Kooistra powered to the win in Netherland’s Ronde van Zuid-Holland. The Dutchman showed his form in his first race of the season, sustaining a strong power throughout the 170 km of the race. After a hard day on the bike, Marten broke away of the main group with 6 kilometers to go together with two other riders, including teammate Ide Schelling. The race was decided with a sprint between the leading trio with our 20-year old Dutchman emerging as the eventual winner. 

Performance Manager, Vasilis Anastopoulos, analyzes Marten’s winning performance: 

“Marten produced almost 300 watts NP for the whole duration of the race, which is close to 4.3 watts per kilo and over the last 15 km, (around 20min) he was part of a 10 riders group that break clear of the group and he produced 360 NP (5.14w/kg) for this duration”.

“During the final sprint he hit 1400 watts max (20w/kg) and averaged 1161 watts (16.5 w/kg) for 13 seconds. Even thought that was the first race of the season for Marten, he still managed to produce some interesting numbers, displaying his good current physical condition. His peak power during the last sprint was one the best he has ever produced in a sprint during a race”.