Top results 2021
  • 2 wins
  • 9 podiums
  • 13 top-ten finishes

SEASON:  2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 2016, 2015

08-11/04International Tour of Rhodes Best Young Rider2.2 Greece1.Stan van Tricht
08-11/04International Tour of Rhodes GC2.2 Greece3. Stan van Tricht
5. Daan Hoole
11/04International Tour of Rhodes Stage 32.2 Greece3. Stan van Tricht
10/04International Tour of Rhodes Stage 22.2 Greece3. Stan van Tricht
13. Daan Hoole
09/04International Tour of Rhodes Stage 12.2 Greece5. Stan van Tricht
08/04International Tour of Rhodes Prologue2.2 Greece2. Daan Hoole
12. Stan van Tricht
04/04GP Rhodes1.2 Greece3. Stan van Tricht
8. Harrison Wood
23/01Gravel and Tar1.2 New Zealand5. Corbin Strong
13-17/01New Zealand Cycle Classic GC2.2 New Zealand1.Corbin Strong
13-17/01New Zealand Cycle Classic Youth Classification2.2 New Zealand1. Corbin Strong
17/01New Zealand Cycle Classic Stage 52.2 New Zealand2. Corbin Strong
16/01New Zealand Cycle Classic Stage 42.2 New Zealand3. Corbin Strong
15/01New Zealand Cycle Classic Stage 32.2 New Zealand12. Corbin Strong
14/01New Zealand Cycle Classic Stage 22.2 New Zealand2. Corbin Strong
13/01New Zealand Cycle Classic Stage 1 TTT2.2 New Zealand1. Corbin Strong (New Zealand National Team)