Vasilis Anastopoulos looks back to the training camp performance
Once again and for the fifth year in a row, the Academy has moved to Loutraki in the months of January and February in order to properly prepare for the season. The ideal weather conditions and the perfect roads led that most of the team stayed in Greece in between the two training camps, creating a solid base for the season. Performance Manager and Training Camp coordinator, Vasilis Anastopoulos, is positive about the work done over the past two months. “We can only be satisfied with the two camps that we did in Loutraki. The weather was great and we could follow the training plan without any setback and everyone flew back home happy and realized, knowing that we did the best preparation possible”. 

The Performance Staff led by Anastopoulos prepared different goals for each camp. “The first camp was oriented to create a solid base that the riders can rely on during the season, while the one in February was more focussed on quality training in order to be ready for the first races of the season. For some riders, the first races of the season are already important goals in their plans while for some others these are later in the year, so we had to adapt the training sessions”. 

The Academy will hit the road for the first road race next Saturday in Ronde van Groningen followed by Belgium’s Brussels-Opwijk the next day. “Each rider has received his individualized racing program and we have set which will be the targets for each of them. The goal will remain always the same, try to peak in the desired race and develop these young talents onto the next step”.